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About Park Slope Parents

Park Slope Parents is one of the largest online parenting communities in the country, with 6,900+ member families living all over Brownstone Brooklyn. We offer 100+ specialty & baby groups including stay at home, dads only, working moms, heritage/bilingual groups, industry-related career groups, crafting, cooking, gardening, book clubs, and so much more! In addition to our groups, we have over 1000 pages of crowd-sourced wisdom and recommendations on our website, as well as members-only discounts to 500+ local products and services. Beyond our online community, we do over 200 yearly in-person events including talks and workshops, clothing swaps, and career networking meetups.

What I Wish I Had Known

We wish that we had allowed other people to help more and not tried to do it all ourselves. We would have trusted our gut more to know what’s best for our kids and been more gentle with ourselves. Park Slope Parents strives to be a compassionate, fun, and resourceful community – helping parents trust themselves and feel supported throughout every moment of their parenting journey.

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