• Who can join The First Month?

    The First Month is currently available to all families at Premier Pediatrics. We incorporate many features of the program seamlessly into our well care and refer to our partners when appropriate.  Starting in September of 2020, we will begin to offer The First Month to expectant and new parents in the greater Brooklyn area. If you are not a patient at Premier, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to share our resources and contacts with anyone in need.

  • Is this program only for parents during the first month of their baby's lives?

    The First Month is designed to serve expectant parents and new parents with babies through six months.  We will prepare you for the first month, support you through the first month, and give you the tools and confidence to thrive beyond the first month with your baby

  • How do I sign up for The First Month?

    When your child becomes a patient of Premier Pediatrics, you are automatically enrolled in The First Month.  If you intend to become a patient at Premier Pediatrics and wish to take any of the courses of Countdown To Baby,  please feel free to sign up on the calendar.

  • What is the cost associated with The First Month?

    We provide most of the features of the The First Month as a part of your family’s care at no or minimal cost. This includes our breastfeeding sessions, support screening, and in-house lectures.

    For services beyond the scope of our practice, we lean on our partners.  These services include massage, yoga, pelvic floor therapy, and pilates. Our partners typically extend a 15% discount for their services.  Parents also enjoy this 15% discount for workshops, lectures, and counseling services offered by our partners.


  • If I join, do I need to do everything in The First Month program?

    No. You decide and you only use resources that you find helpful. You will not be charged for any part of the program that you do not use. 

  • Is The First Month available at other Premier locations?

    Currently, The First Month is only available in the Brooklyn location. We hope to roll the program at the other locations soon. So, stay tuned!