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The last trimester is the time to get ready! We want all of our expectant parents to have access to counseling sessions and prenatal classes to help them feel prepared.

We offer the following courses to interested expectant parents:

  • Birthing courses designed to fit your needs and schedule
  • CPR with Save-a-tot
  • The Fourth Trimester with Birth Smarter
  • Complementary prenatal consultation with a Premier pediatrician
  • Additional courses with TFM partners

The Early Days

Congratulations!  After all of your planning, now it begins!  No matter how much or how little planning you have done, the real learning happens after your baby is born. We are here to help you climb this steep learning curve.

We have developed our comprehensive feeding program so that you will be able to feed just how you envisioned.

  • Breastfeeding consultation in our comfortable breastfeeding rooms
  • Same day access to lactation services through Boober
  • Breastfeeding meet-ups

We are aware of the emotional highs and lows that accompany this wonderful but dramatic change in your lives.  We have created our parent support program to give you as much or as little support as you need.

  • Family centered check-ups
  • Emotional support counselors
  • New parent meet-ups

Finding Your Footing

A large part of Finding Your Footing is to help young parents reclaim their individual identity as they grow into this new role. To this end, we offer wellness sessions for birth parents as well as community meet-ups for all parents. We have also developed classes with a  creative and fresh perspective for this stage of parenting.

  • Wellness sessions for the birth parent
    • Massage at Red Moon Massage
    • Yoga at Bend & Bloom Yoga Studios
    • Pilates at Jessica Hynes Pilates
    • Pelvic Floor Recovery at The Functional Pelvis
  • Creative lunchtime lectures
    • feeding
    • sleeping
    • early childhood development
    • return to work