Pamela Brawer

About Save-A-Tot

Emergencies do happen to children…from choking on a candy to a fall at the back….Save-A-Tot offers classes in Infant/Child CPR & First Aid. Parents, Grandparents, Expecting Parents and Caregivers will learn life-saving information on Infant/Child CPR and First Aid. In addition to CPR, you’ll learn choking prevention (including the Heimlich maneuver), vital information on poisoning/drowning, SIDS prevention, falls, head injuries, bleeding, safety, allergies and baby-proofing. Pamela has 20 years experience in L/D and pediatrics and has a passion for educating new parents and caregivers on the safety of children.

What I Wish I Had Known

Once you are postpartum, you are always postpartum. Regarding resuming exercise, there is no race to the finish line!  Use you own innate body wisdom and intuition to help you make that decision. It took 9 months to create your baby; it certainty takes time tor recovery and reconnect to your new body.

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