Melissa Paschke

About Brooklyn PPD Support

Brooklyn PPD Support is a psychotherapy practice specializing in maternal mental health. Melissa Paschke, LCSW provides individual and group therapies to women in all stages of their perinatal/post-partum journey. She is also a psycho-educator and teacher of Yoga.

What I Wish I Had Known

Before having my babies, I wish I knew that there is no one way to do things right. I sought out a lot of resources and opinions only to learn that what my children needed most were present, happy parents. We were nervous in the early days and that made it hard to calm down and enjoy the moment. I think I am having an easier time caring for older children than I did caring for little babies. I often encourage my clients to remember that parenthood is a developing path and it can take some time to settle into and to find your strengths and balance.

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