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About Babies & Toddlers Understood

Babies & Toddlers Understood provides parenting classes and consultations that are comprehensive and approachable. Drawing from developmental theory and research, personal and professional experience, and a desire to truly understand each unique family, Melina Gac Levin, M.S.Ed. condenses the many voices telling you how to parent into a manageable field of possibilities. Her goal is to help parents discover the tools and confidence to parent the child they have. 

What I Wish I Had Known

Before I had my daughter, I wish someone had reminded me that it’s ok to change things up. Consistency so often gets held up as this holy grail of parenting, but the reality is that our kids are changing all the time and so are we. Their needs and our needs change, and it is freeing for me to remember that just because she needs me to comfort her in the middle of the night while her molars come in (oh, the molars!!) it doesn’t mean that she will never sleep past 10pm again.

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