Meema Spadola, PCD (DONA), CLC

About Meema Spadola

Meema is a DONA (Doulas of North America) trained and certified postpartum doula (since 2006) and a Certified Lactation Counselor (since 2010). The New York Times described her as “a modern Mary Poppins: a combination friend, teacher and spirit guide…” Meema regularly pursues continuing education opportunities and is always deepening her knowledge about newborn care, lactation support and postpartum parents, including postpartum mood disorders. Meema has been fortunate to work with a diverse range of families, including single, adoptive, and LGBTQ+ parents. A former documentary maker, Meema’s films about body image and family issues have been broadcast on PBS, HBO and beyond. Meema left her documentary career and became a postpartum doula after seeing a close friend go through a severe postpartum depression. That experience convinced her that more support is essential for all parents– whether it’s their first baby or not. Meema is the proud mother of a son born in July 2007 and lives with her family in Kensington/Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

What I Wish I Had Known

It’s not only okay to ask for help after the birth of your baby (or babies)– it’s essential! Like many New Yorkers, by the time I became a parent, I had experienced success in my career and was used to feeling in control and competent. Even though I was already a postpartum doula and preached the importance of support, I felt like I really should be able to do this on my own. Thank goodness for my supportive and engaged husband, family and friends who rallied and took such good care of me as I was learning to care for my son. They reminded me on a very deep level of the essential nature of postpartum support.

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