Jonathan Blaufarb

About Jonathan Blaufarb

Jonathan Blaufarb, LCSW is a 2-person psychotherapy and counseling practice serving children and teens, families and adults. Jonathan’s career working with children, teaching, social service and psychotherapy spans more than 30 years.  Jonathan and his colleague treat a range of conditions using a range of warm supportive counseling techniques. Jonathan’s basic beliefs in the world and families are summed up as: Fix the world a little bit every day. We are here to make life better for each other.

What I Wish I Had Known

Before my baby was born I wish I knew that the experience could unpack issues my wife and I had dealt with long ago.  That we’d be resolving some of our old personal issues at the same time we’d learn to be parents. Also what it meant to work together after just being together.   Too many parenting books are very dogmatic and not necessarily accurate.  There is no one best way to be a parent in charge of your family. We get to do our life and be parents one time.  Enjoy it, be in it, we’re always in this together, don’t worry more than necessary. Most of us do fine.

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Most of our parenting will be fine.  Our babies and children will be fine unless we completely screw things up. 

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