Jada Shapiro

About Birth Day Presence

Founded in 2002, Birth Day Presence is the premier provider of smart, non-judgmental childbirth education, doula services and on-demand lactation support for savvy New Yorkers. The longest-running and most trusted independent childbirth education and doula referral center in the city, BDP hand-selects the best ideas and techniques from a range of childbirth traditions to provide NYC’s expectant and new parents with modern, practical education and support, helping to reduce the fear and anxiety around childbirth, while increasing the joy and pleasure of confidently becoming parents. BDP has assisted over 6,000 families and is proud to provide exceptional service to all kinds of families.

What I Wish I Had Known

I should have taken more time off from work after having a baby. I was not prepared for the fact that all I would want to do was spend time with my baby and how much I would actually enjoy the time with her. As a small business owner, it’s almost impossible not to work after having a baby and yet I just wanted to stare at my daughter and hang out with the other new parents and learn everything about my little human. Work seemed so hard to comprehend in the fourth trimester and as someone who has always worked and loved to work this was surprising to me. 

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