Amy Q. Suplina

About Bend + Bloom Yoga

Bend + Bloom is a vibrant studio offering over 70 inspiring yoga classes per week including a robust menu of prenatal and postnatal offerings.  Bend + Bloom was voted “NYC’s best yoga studio for postnatal, prenatal and everything in between” by Metro Media. We offer yoga classes, postpartum support groups, breastfeeding clinics, childbirth education classes, and workshops to help you care for yourself and your family through the childbearing years. Whether you’re contemplating pregnancy and parenthood or are well on your way, we offer you a serene setting in which to gather information and support, practice yoga, and build community. All classes are taught by certified instructors who are well prepared to guide you and your growing family with the utmost care and attention.

What I Wish I Had Known

Before I gave birth I wish I knew how common breastfeeding challenges are. I think my first weeks as a new mom would have been far more manageable if I was more fully prepared for the possibilities for sore and cracked nipples, over and undersupply of milk, mastitis and all the normal challenges that breastfeeding moms frequently face.  I was super lucky to find expert support from a certified lactation consultant and had an excellent support circle of other new moms. This community helped me work though many weeks (and months!) of breastfeeding challenges until, eventually, they subsided and I found my rhythm.  As a brand new mom the pain was demoralizing at times. I know so many women who start their journey as a mom in isolation and, very understandably, give up on breastfeeding when problems seem impossible to overcome. I wish more women had access to the type of lactation support I was able to find and that we now offer at Bend + Bloom.

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