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Ambien is a substance that belongs to the group of imidazopyridine

and represents a hypnotic drug

During the research, it was found that Ambien could cause a sedative effect when taken in smaller doses than the ones necessary for the development of anticonvulsant effect. 

The development of these effects is associated with a specific effect of the drug on central receptors belonging to the macromolecular GABA receptor complexes, which lead to the opening of the neuronal anion channels. Besides, Ambien can provide selective interaction with type I central receptors.

Composition and form of release

Enteric film-coated pills (5 and 10 mg). Tablets are kept in blisters (2 or 10 pieces in each).

The main active component is zolpidem tartrate.

  • Indications

It is taken in a short course for the treatment of severe forms of insomnia.


It is not prescribed in case of intolerance to Ambien, myasthenia gravis, sleep apnea, respiratory and liver failure. The drug can’t be used in the treatment of underage people.

Long-term use of Ambien can cause the development of drug addiction or worsen the soporific effect of the drug.

In the case of drug addiction, the sudden withdrawal of the drug can lead to the development of withdrawal syndrome, which is characterized by the formation of:

  • muscle pain,

  • increased anxiety,

  • sense of tension,

  • agitation,

irritability, and confused thoughts. 

Severe cases can lead to the appearance of depersonalization, hyperacusis, derealization, - numbness in the extremities, increased sensitivity to sound and light, as well as epileptic seizures and hallucinations.

Treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Lack of information about the safety of using zolpidem tartrate in the treatment of breastfeeding and pregnant women doesn’t permit the use of Ambien in the therapy of these patients.

Way of use and dosage

It is intended for oral use. The drug can be used only in minimum efficient doses. It is forbidden to use the drug in doses exceeding the maximum allowable ones.

Adults must take 10 mg of the drug once a day. Due to the rapid onset of the drug effect, it should be taken before sleep. The maximum daily dose of the sleeping pill is 10 mg.

It is acceptable to take the drug in the form of short continuous courses. The duration of therapy is determined by the doctor.


In the case of acute drug poisoning, patients can develop bradycardia, ataxia, visual impairment, vertigo, drowsiness, respiratory failure, sickness, constant vomiting, seizures, inappropriate behavior, loss of consciousness, and reverse coma.

If less than 1 hour passed after the drug use, they prescribe a patient a gastric lavage or induce vomiting and provide sorbent agents and necessary treatment.

  • Side effects

The use of Ambien can be accompanied by angioedema, hallucinations, excitement, confusion, nightmare, increased irritation, dysphoria, aggressiveness, psychosis, delirium, anger, somnambulism, drug addiction, decreased libido, depression, drowsiness, headache, increased insomnia, vertigo, anterograde amnesia, impaired consciousness, allergic reactions and dyspeptic disorders.

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