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About Jessica Hynes Pilates

Jessica Hynes Pilates takes a ‘whole person’ approach when working with clients. Whether a mother of three, currently pregnant, recovering from injury, or looking to build strength and flexibility, Jessica creates a program that is entirely responsive to every lifestyle and individual needs. As a mother of a toddler herself, Jessica understands the benefits of Pilates firsthand and the importance of movement during the pre and post natal stages of pregnancy. She believes in working safely with clients to address any injuries or discomforts while still providing a challenging work out.

What I Wish I Had Known

Before I had my son, I wish someone told me to trust my intuition (and stay off of google!). There are many instances as a mom where you second guess yourself, but at the end of the day, you know your baby best. Don’t get caught up with comparisons; every pregnancy, postpartum journey, and baby is different. Caring for a newborn can be isolating. Don’t keep it in – ask for help and get help. It can be a rollercoaster at times. Talk to other moms and talk to your partner!

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