Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other programs like The First Month?

Premier Pediatrics created The First Month to address the needs of new parents. We are not aware of any other similar programs. We would be happy to talk to any other obstetrics and pediatric providers and share our program if the interest arises.

Is The First Month only available to patients of Premier Pediatrics?

All Premier Pediatrics families are enrolled in The First Month.  Families who use a different pediatric provider are welcome to access The First Month resources and enroll in any of our seminars or groups.  Please feel free to call contact us for more information.

Is there a cost to The First Month?

There is no cost to enroll in The First Month. There are also no mandatory or hidden fees associated with the program.  We do charge competitive prices for our lactation service, courses, and groups.  We do not want cost to serve as a barrier to families receiving the care that they need.

How do I know if my Obstetrics Care provider is a part of The First Month team?

Ask them!  We have created a relationship with a number of Obstetrics groups with the goal of improving continuity of care around the time of you deliver.  With your permission, we will contact your provider if something important arises before your scheduled obstetrics follow-up appointment.  If you Obstetrics provider is not a part of The First Month team, we are still happy to reach out to them if the need arises.

Why does a parent need to sign a health care release form?

We treat the information of parents the same way that we treat the information of their children.  We respect your family’s privacy and will only share information with other clinicians if you provide permission and it is important to you and your family’s health.

How do you screen for and treat Postpartum Depression (PPD)?

We administer a brief but sensitive depression screening to mothers at their infant’s 2 week, 5 week, and 6 month wellness visits.  Next,when appropriate, we connect at-risk moms with the counselors at Brooklyn PPD and create an individualized treatment plan. Brooklyn PPD offers small groups that that meet regularly at our Premier Pediatrics Manhattan and Brooklyn locations, a short course of private therapy, and access to a network of excellent psychiatrists and psychologists.

It is called The First Month, why do you have courses for expectant parents and for parents of older infants?

The program’s mission is to ease the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Although most of our activities focus on the actual first month of a baby’s life, we also aim to give expectant parents access to courses to help them prepare and courses to parents of slightly older infants to provide some peace of mind for the months that follow.

I have other questions about The First Month?

Please email manager@thefirstmonth.org or call 917-715-0876 and we will contact you promptly.