• We take the best possible care of your baby when we attend to you as well. That’s why we want to be here for YOU, too. We will work closely with you to support you every step of the way so that you can grow alongside your child into your new role as a parent.


Premier Pediatrics is proud to partner with over 15 of the most experienced and well respected individuals and organizations in the Brooklyn perinatal care community.

Olivia Bergeron, LCSW

About Mommy Groove Therapy and Parent Coaching

Mommy Groove Therapy and Parent Coaching helps moms and dads find balance and joy through therapy and/or parent coaching. Olivia Bergeron, LCSW is a psychotherapist and parent coach who founded Mommy Groove Therapy & Parent Coaching to help parents navigate the huge changes that come with having a child. Whether you're experiencing a sense of overwhelm, stress and anxiety during or after having a baby, or you've run out of ideas about how to manage your toddler's (or big kid's!) tantrums, Olivia works with you to create lasting change. She does this by providing clients with therapy or coaching or a hybrid of both.

What I Wish I Had Known

I wish that I knew to focus less on the day of birth-- which is clearly important!--and much more on what comes next. For your postpartum time, line up double the help you think you'll need. I advise folks to prepare as if you were having twins! If you are having twins, then prep for triplets!  Preparing in advance makes it so much easier to know who to turn to when life goes sideways. Life as a new parent will inevitably not go according to plan. Scrambling to find a lactation counselor, a therapist, a physical therapist, etc. when you are sleep deprived and desperate is not ideal and just adds to a stressful situation. Make some calls ahead of time to interview potential help. Find practitioners with whom you feel a rapport. And then reach out if need be.


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