Classes and Groups

The First Month offers classes and groups taught by experts who are also moms.  These classes and groups are intended to be interactive sessions during which parents can learn from an expert and share pearls from their own experiences. You’ll be sure to leave feeling refreshed, energized, and perhaps even meet a new friend or two.


We will be offering classes in the Fall on feeding, sleeping, development, and child safety.

Your Families Nutrition during the first 6 months

This is a course that goes beyond the basics of introducing solids. It focuses on giving a comprehensive strategy to tend to the nutritional needs of your young family. It will include advice on food choices during breastfeed so that you and your baby receive optimal nutrition. It will also include information on how to introduce solids for your baby in a way that works with you and your partner’s diet choices and eating philosophy.


The Birth of a Parent: Navigating the transition to Parenthood

Most classes and books for new and expectant parents focus on pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care but not on how life may change when you become a parent and how those changes can make you feel.  Parenthood is a role that often is romanticized and thought of as something that happens naturally, not as a role deserving contemplation and preparation.  While parenthood can be a wonderful experience, it also can be  very challenging at times.  This course is designed to provide strategies to cope with these challenges as they arise.

The Return to Work

You may be wondering, “How am I going to do it? How am I possibly going to leave my baby and go back to work?”  You are not alone.  This is a major challenge and we would like to help you take control of the transition and find the balance that is right for you. In this seminar you’ll have the opportunity to gain insight and valuable resources from the instructor, who’s been right where you are now.  You’ll leave having:

  • A template to create your own personalized back to work plan
  • Community resources that make life as a working mom easier
  • An in-depth discussion on pumping, making preparations at home, and time management.
  • Connections with other working mothers



Each therapist will run groups as interest dictates.  Please call the therapist directly if you have an interest in a particular group.

Beyond the Baby Blues

There are a large number of new parents that experience symptoms that go beyond the baby blues. Many new moms do not identify these symptoms as depression. They ignore these completely natural feelings and forge ahead with their new role as a mom. This group provides a place for new moms who are feeling overwhelmed, sad, or anxious to take the time focus on themselves. It provides a warm and nurturing environment where new moms can share their feelings and experiences with empathetic listeners and work on ways to understand and manage what they are feeling.

Melissa generously offer this group at a reduced cost so that it is accessible to anyone who feels like they need the additional support.

Facilitator: Melissa Paschke, LCSW
For more information or to register, please call 718-781-0363

Motherhood and Selfhood

A group for women designed to help identify and explore motherhood’s impact on various aspects of a woman’s life.  We will explore issues related to career, friendship, finances, and romantic relationships.

Facilitator: Sloane Rosner, LCSW-R
For more information or to register, please call 917-727-7153

Motherhood and Medicine

A group designed to help women with chronic medical conditions as they transition to motherhood. We will identify and explore the emotional and physical impact that chronic medical conditions have on pregnancy and motherhood.

Facilitator: Sloane Rosner, LCSW-R
For more information or to register, please call 917-727-7153

Motherhood – New Roles, New Identity

A group to explore issues related to career, family, and the changing expectations between partners (sex, money, housework, in-laws etc.).

Facilitator: Dorothy Rick, LCSW-R
For more information or to register, please call 917-586-9903

Childbirth & CPR

The First Month is proud to partner with an exceptional team of healthcare professionals who offer Childbirth and CPR courses.  Please feel free to contact anyone of these organizations. We recommend them highly.