Lena DeGloma

About Red Moon Wellness

Red Moon Wellness is Park Slope’s premiere wellness center specializing in the childbearing cycle and providing bodily relief through expert massage for thousands of clients over the course of more than a decade, now in a beautiful spacious newly renovated location in Center Slope. We offer specialized massage therapy & bodywork; herbal medicine & nutritional consultation; and childbirth services including birth prep classes, private consultations & doula services. Founded by childbirth expert, massage therapist, and clinical herbalist, Lena DeGloma, Red Moon’s team of highly skilled LMTs and wellness experts are all trained to provide individualized massage for your every need, including: the perinatal period, from natural birth prep to cesarean scar healing; Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Therapy; therapeutic breast massage for lactation issues and surgery recovery; deep tissue massage and myofascial release; CBD oil massage for chronic pain; cupping therapy, and much more.

What I Wish I Had Known

I wish I had known that no matter how prepared you are, life will throw totally unexpected curve balls at you in the process of becoming a parent. Despite a decade of attending births and working with childbearing families, nothing could have prepared me for the experience of my Achilles’ tendon being severed at 36 weeks pregnant in a freak accident involving a broken glass at our baby shower, sending me into labor a month early while on crutches with my leg in a cast, requiring surgery to reattach the tendon when my baby was two weeks old, followed by months of physical therapy, and finally being able to walk and carry my baby for the first time when she was 5 months old! You just never know what kind of hand you will be dealt in the transition to parenthood, but you will learn how strong you actually are in the process!

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