Julie Wright, MFT

About The Happy Sleeper

The Happy Sleeper is a book, online sleep class series and sleep consulting practice for babies through school aged kids. This approach has become known as the gentlest possible while still being extremely effective.  The goal is to help parents achieve natural, healthy sleep for their baby or child in a way they can feel good about.  A secure bond and healthy sleep are seen as natural partners.  Grounded in science, child development and informed by her experience as a psychotherapist,  Julie loves helping families sleep well and feel human again.  She and her coauthor, Heather Turgeon, wrote a second book, Now Say This: The Right Words to Solve Every Parenting Dilemma, which is a practical guide to empathic communication and limit setting.


What I Wish I Had Known

When my son was born, I wish I had known how wise his brain and body were and how much easier it would be to know and trust that, rather than feeling like it was all on me to figure out.  I know now that babies are built to sleep – it’s a natural, hard wired ability we’re all born with.  It sure doesn’t seem like it in the beginning, because human babies are born less mature than any other species.  I know now, that once babies are old enough (about 5 months) they are capable, of sleeping amazingly well.  The same is true for feeding.  When we let them decide how much or how little to eat, we see how smart their bodies are and how well they eat.  I could go on and on!  Attuning to our babies, reading their cues with sensitivity and being prepared to be surprised along the way, can bring a sense of relief and a deeper connection and this is something I love to help parents experience.

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